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Ask grrouch Anything 1-1

Hello #Backloggers,

I was in the mood to do some writing today so during work I asked people to submit questions to the first ever AGA.  This is something that I would like to do on a monthly basis just to give me topics to write about that I might not normally think of on my own.

Before we get to the AGA I just wanted to share the last Backlog Confessional

I'd also like to thank everyone who submitted a question and I hope that as time goes on we will get more people participating.

So, let's get to it.

Mathman asked:
Who is your favorite author? Favorite book or series?

What would be your ultimate special edition Switch? Theme, colors, joy-cons?

You've been abducted by Bowser. How does the story go? Do you become friends? Do you join his forces? Who do you think will rescue you? — Ryan Craig (@mathman1024) January 25, 2020

My favorite author is Stephen King.  Growing up I was always a fan of horror movies and then when I got into reading I became an instant fan of …

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