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Backlogged - An Island Shakedown

Welcome back to Backlogged, my continuing adventures in Animal Crossing.  You can go back and read the first entry of the series here.  If this is amusing you then feel free to share with your friends.  I would like to make this an ongoing series.  Also, leave a comment below and if you visit my village leave a message on the bulletin board.  Extra points for creativity and I will try to work your messages into my story.

Now - To the main story.

I worked hard to clean up the island and earn my keep over the first couple of weeks.  I saved up my bells so that I could pay off my debt and hopefully live a more peaceful existence until (or if for that matter) life went back to normal.
I went to Tiger to talk to him about potentially upgrading my casa and continuing to make improvements to the island.  The conversation was curt and his tongue was sharp.  He spoke of reshaping the island and building it up into a thriving community.  It felt as though he was trying hard to choose his words …

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