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The Ever Expanding Waist of the Backlog Busters

This might sound strange, but I have a vision for the Backlog Busters.
Nothing grandiose and no taking over the world here, just a group of guys helping each other conquer their backlogs one game at a time.
It all started with me and my good buddy TrashTurkey.  Our podcast was formed so that we could encourage each other to actually finish a game or two and then it grew into fun conversations and goofiness.  The one thing we always knew from the start was that we both had limited time to record so we made our show monthly.
However, time went on and recording got harder at certain points of the year, we took a hiatus, then we expanded.
Honestly, after turkey and I were recording for maybe a year my goal was to form a network of like minded individuals so that we could all help each other out.  Also, if you happen to have the word Backlog in your twitter handle that helps as well.
Instead of letting the show die I decided to expand the Backlog Busters so that we had a bigger core group and w…

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