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Busting a Big Backlog

There comes a time in every gamer's life when they need to sit down and take a long hard look at their backlog and start to be realistic about it.  I know that my backlog(currently) does not compete with some of the backlogs hovering out there because of PSN, Xbox and Steam sales without even mentioning the free games given out on every platform under the moon.

What I am going to base everything on right now is my database on How Long To Beat.
My list contains mainly my Nintendo switch games and then I add some others in here and there as I am playing them (Until I take the time to sit down and add everything one system at a time).

I currently 25 Beaten.  I sit with 75 in my Backlog, have 73% of my backlog left to beat and I have retired 27% (in all honesty I have no idea what that 27% represents because I currently only have 10 games on the list and 10 out of 100 is not 27%).

However, I can look over this list of games and start to organize them in different categories.

The first…

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