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A Momentary Monetary Update

It's nearing 1 a.m. and I cannot sleep.  My sleep patterns are pretty messed up at this point but there is no real reason why.  Maybe I had too much caffeine and my system is reacting to it or maybe I just don't know how to sleep lately.  Whatever it is, I don't exactly like it and I'm not taking advantage of the situation by playing video games and knocking my backlog around like a step-child with red hair.  No, instead I sit here and type to you, dear readers.
At the beginning of the year I released my New Years Revolutions to the world and as time has gone on I am slowly modifying them to help everything fit into my lifestyle for this year.  I'm not trying to make things easier or make it look like I'm holding up my end of the bargain when I'm secretly not but I am doing my best to actually attempt to hold true to as much as possible, even if that means realizing that I was being unrealistic and modifying things so that I can still hit goals.
So, with t…

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