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Link's Awakening Collectors Edition

I wanted to do a series of posts where I chronicle different collectors editions that I own (and maybe some that I wish I owned) and what is in them and why I got them.

I am on a quest to de-clutter and when I go through my stuff I realize that I have way too many things that I got for one reason or another but there exists no real, logical reason for me to keep these things.  Some of these things are Video Game Collector's Editions.

I don't have a Massive Game Room to display everything I own and I do not have a bunch of visitors who are going to pass through my halls and compliment me on my Fallout 4 PIP-Boy!  No, it just will not ever happen.

So then, why do I have them?  Well, in someway they either bring me joy or have brought me joy in the past and I want to detail that joy.

So, I guess the best place to start is from the last one that I have picked up which actually just arrived yesterday.

Now, neither this game nor this series holds any huge special spot in my heart.  …

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