Pandemic Fireside Chats

The world has changed.  While this is not the new normal I feel we will never return back to what the old normal was.

I'm more a more social being that I like to admit and being on lock down (when not working) has taken its toll on my mental state at times.  This is why I decided to reach out and start having a series of conversations with my friends from the internet.

Yes, I do realize that I could just call up a friend and have a conversation but I feel that there are more people out there struggling who also need to hear what others are going through.
My hope is that someone out there finds help listening to these conversations of others going through struggles as well.

They don't all have to be serious and about how horrible the world is right now, but sometimes talking about those things is what makes me feel better.

So, for anyone out there that actually listens to these, I do hope you find some sort of comfort in it.

Know that this was started 100% as therapy to me.  I needed someone to talk to.  I needed to talk to people that are not in my daily life (work and home).  These conversations have definitely helped me approach everyday life and I plan on continuing them for awhile.

If you listen and it helps you out please let me know.
If you want to join me one evening let me know that as well.
These conversations take place after I leave work so I know they are late for most.  However, by the time I get home I'm already feeling better about life and it helps me to get to sleep.

Chat number one with Ryan

Chat number two with Ryan

Chat number three with Eggshen


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