Diablo - for real this time

Dearest #Backloggers,

Yesterday the subject was a tease and I forgot to get to it.  I'm not sure how it happened but I just never talked about it.

Diablo, specifically Diablo 3.
Oh, how do I love thee?
A lot - I love you a lot.  Let's skip the silly games and just get to the meat and potatoes of it.  You are the game that keeps me coming back over the years so it is time that I rank you as one of my all time favorite games.

I'm sure I've said it before but I started with Diablo 3 on the PC and I bought the collectors edition (which has to be in a box somewhere but I haven't found it yet.  I want to display my dragon statue) and I put about 20 minutes into you.

What say you? 20 minutes?

Well, I bought a game that had something called System Requirements and my System did not live up to those Requirements and as such the game was awful laggy sluggish mess and I cried myself to sleep thinking about how much money I spent on a game I couldn't put time into.

Now I currently own a machine capable of playing the game but alas I do not have a disc drive to put in the disc and install it.  No loss because Diablo 3 has moved to console!

Xbox 360 - I bought Diablo 3 to play with a buddy in Pennsylvania and we played a lot and I played a lot solo.  In fact the other day I was sitting around and thinking about how I really need to plug in my 360 (unless the game is back compat on the Xbone for whenever I finally pick one of those up) because I abandoned the game with one last achievement left to get.   That was the Grindy 5 Million Gold achievement which was a LOT harder to get back during those times.  I'm curious if updates have made it better or if those QOL improvements are only on the Ultimate Evil Editions and whatever was released for current gen.   Either way I will find out because I want that 1000 GS or my life will never be complete.

PS3 - I bought you on the PS3 because my (current) Teen wanted to play as well.  This version didn't get a lot of love but it did get some play time.  I didn't pay much for it so it's not like I was out much money.

PS4 - Oh, Ultimate Evil Edition how you brought me back.  I loaded up my account and downloaded my toons and was off.  I put over 100 hours into this version and earned my platinum.  Everything I loved about the game from the 360 was back and better than ever.  However, I walked away from the game right before the Necromancer expansion was released.   I do want to go back and make sure I get all the trophies associated with the DLC so that I have a perfect score on this version of it as well.

Switch - Then they ported it to the switch and I bought it day one.  I played one of the seasons and earned all the free goodies and also went through and beat the campaign again. My love affair was back full force and I put over 40 hours into the game in a very addictive manner.   Once I beat the campaign I put it down and moved on knowing that I'd probably come back when the next season started.

That season started and I have been putting time into the game again and no matter how many hours I have played or how long between sessions this game always makes me happy and I'm always in the mood to play it.   This game (and Borderlands to a lesser degree) just has the hook that sinks deep in me.  I know I'll play until I get the free stuff for the season and quit so that I can come back fresh next season, but I also know that this will be my first 100 hour game on the switch. 

Has-Been Heroes has me around 40 I think.   BotW is 85 give or take.  Mario Kart might technically go over but that is because my toddler has put a TON of hours into it on my profile (I really should just get him his own profile at this point but don't want him to get made when he doesn't have all the same cars and upgrades he had last time he played).   Diablo 3 will break 100 easily.  It is the game that keeps on giving and I just can't get enough of it.

Things I am Thankful for:  My New Job for giving me a few minutes where I can sit down and pound out a few thoughts.

Keep on backlogging my friends.


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