Backlog Confessional - April 11 2019

Hello #Backloggers
Today is April 11th and, lucky you, it's another Backlog Confessional by your good buddy grrouchie serge.

Confession #1  - RICO

Earlier today I posted a review of the game RICO by Thunderful Publishing and Rising Star Games.  Please check out the blog (BacklogBusters dot NINJA) to read over that.  Our good buddy Mark - The CaNERDian was nice enough to help us out with the review.

I also have put some time into RICO and while I had different expectations going into it the game has turned into a nice pallet cleanser for me.  I feel like there should have been a little something more, a little more meaningful in the game.  A grand story or something.  However, I hope this game was successful because I think it lays the foundation for something grand to be built upon it.

Confession #2 - Steamworld Dig 2

Oh yes, April is a Steamworld month for the Backlog Busters as the Turkey and I are both plugging away at Steamworld Dig 2.   This is actually my second play-through of the game as I jumped into it last year and loved every minute of the game.  Image and Form are my favorite Indy Developer and the Steamworld Games are the reason why.   Later this year Steamworld Quest rolls out on April 25th which just so happens to be my anniversary. 
It is then I will find out what Truly conquers all: Love or Steam.  My wife might not be anxiously waiting for the answer to that one.

Confession #3 -  Blog, Audio or Both?

I've been kicking it around for a long time to do some smaller releases for our #Backloggers since we are just a monthly podcast and then when I started and kept up with this random series of posts I thought it would be a neat way to record a few minutes of audio every week or so to put into your ears.   I know personally when my favorite podcasters release material that is not in podcast form (YouTube vidoes for instance) I generally do not get around to consuming that product.  I'm pretty much Podcast or nothing when it comes to my content and I figure maybe there is an audience out there for this.
If you like it or if you don't please let me know.

Confession #4 - Spyro the Dragon

This generation of video game systems really got down and dirty into re-releasing things from our past and while I haven't gotten into very many of those (I do own a few and need to get into them though) Spyro is one that has gotten my attention.
This is no ordinary port of the old Playstation One games, no this was lovingly hand crafted and updated to look and play beautifully.   I have finally finished playing through the OG Spyro The Dragon with Jacob and we both had a blast with it.  By the end of the game I was pretty much the only one playing it because the difficulty had jumped up beyond his perceived abilities but I enjoyed going through the last bit and beating the game and he enjoyed watching along and telling me how awful I was every time I screwed up.

After I posted on Twitter that the first of 3 is officially off my backlog I found out that one of my twitter buddies is a HUGE MASSIVE Spyro SUPERFAN and has agreed to record thoughts and feelings about Spyro for next months Adopt a Backlogger segment on the Backlog Busters podcast.  I'm very excited to see what this person has to say about a game I just recently fell in love with.

We have already started to jump into Spyro 2 (insert subtitle here) and I'm sure within the next couple of months I'll get to report back that we have beaten that one as well.
Playing Video Games with Jacob is one of the most exciting things I get to do during my week and I'm glad I get to talk to you all about it.


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