Backlog Busters X Quest 4 Pixels

Hello #Backloggers,

Remember a few months back when our Podcasts had a brief crossover event and Tony Baker was on?
We advertised that as the Crossover that NOBODY asked for!

Well, to continue that relationship we are now announcing The Crossover that NOBODY Asked For, the sequel.

Quest4Pixels has decided that they needed a pet and a grouch so they invited us to become part of their network.

Also, I'd like to announce that I just hit publish on the latest podcast so look for that to drop soon.
You might have to Unsubscribe and Re-Subscribe to the podcast since we changed networks.

Thank you #Backloggers for your continued support.  We can't wait to record our Year End Game of the Year Episode and look forward to an amazing Year 2 in 2019.

Keep on Backlogging


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