Finding that Next Game

 Lately I've been doing a lot of bouncing around between games trying to find that next thing that will hold my attention enough to make me want to complete it.

The last game with that honor was Ori and the Blind Forest which I beat earlier in August.  It checked off a spot on Backlog Bingo and, well it really didn't get me closer to a bingo but I had a lot of fun playing the game.

Ori is visually beautiful and the game play is top notch.  If Hollow Knight just used Ori's save system then I would probably have beaten that game as well.  Both games look amazing and the game play feels amazing.  However, Hollow Knight proved to be too difficult for me to continue and I eventually put it away.

Ori did not suffer that same fate as I got hooked and played it until I beat it.

However, now the search is back on.

Do I pick up an old game and finish it?  Fire Emblem? Last of Us Part 2?

I've tried out Madden 20 because I'm in a Football mood.  

I started Gato Roboto and put a little time into it.

I played half an hour of Grounded but after 3 quick deaths I decided I needed a different mindset to play that game.

I'm still putting some time into Diablo 3 so that I can scratch that off of my Backlog Bingo card.  Yes, this is a game I have beaten before but I go back to it all the time and am working through the campaign again.

I keep forgetting to go back to Shadow of War.

I think I need more organization in my life.  I need to make a list.

So, I think I'll start by making a list of games that I absolutely want to play that I own on all the current gen systems and then organize that list in terms of really want to play and can live without and start there.

Next Gen is going to put me behind by even more.

The #Backlog forever grows


  1. It can get rough picking the next game finish. I for one have these soft-deadlines every month, I think this helps pressure me into picking something. Not only does it add pressure, but if you finish your games on the 24th of the month for example, then you have some time to either rest or get a head start on your next game. It makes clearing the backlog feel like a game in itself.

    Something else I experimented with was keeping a few games in rotation. I don't recommend this with rpg's or really plot heavy titles. Just picking 3 or 4 shorter games leads to some interesting progression. Not playing the same game two days in a row means you are forced to play your least favorite of the bunch to re-visit the others. As you finish games, you'll get narrowed down to the finalists before focusing on the final game. Typically the toughest one. Other than that, I'm pretty much in the same boat. Too many good games coming.


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