Backlog Bingo - Super Mario 35 Year Anniversary Edition

Hello #Backloggers,

2020 is not over and Backlog Bingo is still going strong.  We have only had one payout so far and we are inching closer to someone covering the full card and getting another payout.

With that in mind we could not resist the Mario 35 year anniversary and being able to do something with it.  Thus, The next iteration of Backlog Bingo is upon us.

This version of Backlog Bingo will run at least until the end of 2021 and is in celebration of Mario.  This is a chance to go back and play some of those classics that you have beaten countless times.  This is also a chance to jump into other Mario games that you might not have played before.  

Rule Number 1 - Once Backlog Bingo starts you have to play these games from beginning to end.  Starting a game before Backlog Bingo does not count (there is only one exception to this rule but if you have to ask me then that means you do not qualify for the exception).

Rule Number 2 - Once you beat a game you have to post some screenshots to prove it, tag the Backlog Busters on twitter and use Hashtag #BacklogBingo.

Rule Number 3 - When you achieve Bingo and Cover the full card, Also post a picture of your card Marked Up to show your progress!

Rule Number 4 - Have Fun with this.

There will be prizes for people who achieve Bingo and cover the full card.

Some Notes about the card
Paper Mario; Last Row, 2nd column, is for ANY Paper Mario in the series.
Mario and Luigi: 2nd Row, last column, is for ANY Mario and Luigi game in the series
Mario Kart; 3rd Row, 1st Column, is for ANY Mario Kart at 100cc Circuit.
Luigis Mansion; 2nd Row, 3rd Column, is for ANY Luigi's Mansion game in the series.

If there are any games you cannot play for whatever reason you may DM the Backlog Busters on Twitter and state your case.  What is the game and why can you not play it.  Bring a list of alternative Mario games as a substitution.
The Backlog Busters will have a round table discussion and decide if we will accept your alternate game or if we will tell you to pound sand.

Thank You all and Keep #Backlogging

Also, Due to the results of the following poll posted by the Backlog Busters, this Bingo Card is going out early.


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