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Backlog Bingo 2021

  Backlog Busters B A C K L O G B Beat 3 Different Games on 3 Different Systems A Horror Game Complete a Run in a Rogue-Like Game Retro Style Game Metacritic Score Over 90 A Developers Swan-Song Complete The Alphabet U Beat a Musical Game A Diablo Style Game A Game the Backlog Busters Decide On Podcast A Sequel A game that was delayed Due to Covid-19 Older Game in a Series of a Game Released in 2021 100% A Game S A Game with A Bird on The Box A Game you Played Last Year Beat a Walking Simulator Beat a game in under 5 Hours Metroidvania First Person Shooter Beat a Platformer T A game you started in 2020 but did not Beat Ask Blazeknight Ask Trash Turkey Ask Grrouchie Ask Backlog Odyssey And/Or OctoTako Ask Mathman and state a Haiku Beat A Military Game E A Non-Sequel Game with a Number in the Title Beat A Game HungryPup Played in 2020 A Beat-Em-UP A Former Game of the Year A game that takes 25+ Hours to Complete A Game with a Metacritic Score Under 50 Beat a Remastered Game R A 3rd Perso

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