The Ever Expanding Waist of the Backlog Busters

This might sound strange, but I have a vision for the Backlog Busters.

Nothing grandiose and no taking over the world here, just a group of guys helping each other conquer their backlogs one game at a time.

It all started with me and my good buddy TrashTurkey.  Our podcast was formed so that we could encourage each other to actually finish a game or two and then it grew into fun conversations and goofiness.  The one thing we always knew from the start was that we both had limited time to record so we made our show monthly.

However, time went on and recording got harder at certain points of the year, we took a hiatus, then we expanded.

Honestly, after turkey and I were recording for maybe a year my goal was to form a network of like minded individuals so that we could all help each other out.  Also, if you happen to have the word Backlog in your twitter handle that helps as well.

Instead of letting the show die I decided to expand the Backlog Busters so that we had a bigger core group and when someone couldn't make a show then others would be able to fill in.  Adding BlazeKnight, Mathman and the Backlog Odyssey to the mix not only made sense but it helped to expand the content that we could talk about.  Throw in alternates like SkinnyMatt and a two man backlog destroying team has expanded to the motliest of crews the universe has ever seen.

This year the gang started recording as a unit and everything has been running smoothly.  Other shows have been added into the monthly mix so that our #Backloggers aren't waiting a month or more for that one sweet, sweet drop.  Nope.

The Backlog Odyssey added in a monthly Retro talk where he gets together with one person to talk about an older game (usually), the history of it and what it means to whoever he is talking to.  What a great little concept and I'm so proud of the way it has come out and added value to our feed.

With that in mind we have finally added our biggest fan to the mix, HungryPup.  He contacted us many moons ago and then started doing his own little show and recently I invited him to add his show to our feed to give the #backloggers one more show they can listen too every month.

2020 has been about Expanding the Backlog Busters and in that regard this year has been a success.  We've added Backlog Bingo as a year long game that people can play and win some eshop cards.  We have added extra podcasts to the feed and we've added a good hour to the length of the podcast. :)

When I listen and devour other podcasts I like to steal ideas that I like and adapt them into my world.  I have done (and am planning on getting back to) a FatManinVegas solo podcast where I ramble on about health, nutrition and other things to keep me motivated in losing weight.  I did the Backlog Confessional that was also a solo show where I answered questions (hell, I even stole questions from other podcasts) and talked for 10-15 minutes in the vein of Sean Capri's Pants Podcast or Megadad John's Megadad Diaries.  
We have added extra shows into the feed like the main PSVG Feed does.

So, since I'm stealing stuff I just wanted to let you all see something else that I have stolen and the Backlog Busters invite you to:

Play Some OLD Video Games

Listen - I don't have any clue how I am going to use that graphic other than in this article (with the Don's blessing) - I just thought it would be funny and ran with it.

Keep knocking the games off your backlog - We are about to add two new systems to fall behind on!!

-grrouchie - backlog blues - fat man in Vegas - hey hey everybody....


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