Hey, I got a bingo


Sometimes you have a goal and a deadline and you decide to procrastinate.  That isn't really what happened with 2021 but it just happens to feel that way.

I started Backlog Bingo as a way to have fun in the community and find a creative way to tackle that big backlog that all of us gamer's have.  My goal was never to actually knock off multiple bingo's by myself but just to create so fun in the gaming space.

I think over the last couple of years we have accomplished that goal and, at times during the year, we even have had a decent amount of people playing along.

As I was sitting around in my gaming underwear the other night and trying to figure out what I played during the year so that I could talk about my favorite game(s) of the year I noticed that there was a square on my Backlog Bingo card which would actually give me two Bingo's, simultaneously.

Beat a Walking Simulator

I'm not a fan of the genre.  But, I know there are fans out there.  I want to be all inclusive.  

However, because I buy so many games on sale for cheap prices I did have a couple waiting for me to play.  I decided to jump into one recommended by SethistheGoat from the PSVG Crew which is called Subsurface Circular.

This is a game that is 100% conversational where you are looking for lines of dialog to open other lines of dialog until you start piecing the story together.  

Over the course of about 2 days I spent 2-4 hours with the game and completed the story that it was telling me (but, it gave me two endings to choose from).  Overall, and after playing, I am happy I put the time into the game and am saving the second game (which I have also already purchased on deep discount from the Nintendo Switch Eshop) for 2022 and whatever that Backlog Bingo card will look like.

However, all of that was just an excuse for me to proclaim that I hit bingo and to type up a list of the games that I know I beat this year.

In no particular order - this is what my gaming slate looked like in 2021.

Hades - Beat a Diablo Style Game.  This game could have fell into Rogue Like as well.

Subsurface Circular - Beat a Walking Simulator

Astro's Playroom - Beat a game in under 5 hours.  This was a marvelous little game that needs to triple in size and be expanded upon.

Ori and the Will o the Wisps - Beat a Metroidvania - this game is a masterpiece

Bioshock Infinite - Beat a 1st person shooter - I started this game last year with Jacob and for some reason got distracted and left it behind. However, I came back to it and was hooked. This game is another one of those great games and makes me giddy that a new Bioshock is being made.

New SMB 2 (and New Super Mario 3d Land)  - Beat a platformer (Helped the wife beat these two games)

Cuthulu Saves Christmas - This is the game I told myself to beat - and I'm quite happy that I did.  Fun twist on the old classic RPG Genre.

Last of us 2 - Beat a game that takes 25+ hours to beat - Another Masterpiece

Steamworld Quest - Beat a game that does not have a sequel - Another little RPG that I absolutely adored.

West of Loathing - Beat an RPG - If you are looking for Stick Figure action and adventure then this is your first and last stop.

My Friend Pedro - Beat an Indie Game - Granted I haven't beaten this the whole way by myself, I helped Jacob through a lot of the parts.

Framed - I was going to beat Framed and Framed 2 for a square but that never happened.  Framed 2 will be 2022.  However, this comic book styling little game was cute for the couple of hours I sunk into it.

Picking out my Game of the Year is going to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be just a week or two ago.

None of this counts any of the games I have put some time into but haven't completed like Mario X Rabids, Yakuza like a Dragon and Forza Horizon 5


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