Diablo has overtaken me - Again

Hello #Backloggers,

As I sit here I am technically at my 2nd job but everyone else in the office is occupied and I am able to sneak away for a quick minute to tell you all how much I truly appreciate you listening to us and interacting with us on the Social Medias.

Whether we promote something new or I just ninja drop something into your feeds I absolutely love seeing the posts from the people who are excited (or faking excitement) to have something new from us on their playlist.

I dropped a new #BacklogConfessional yesterday and you can grab that from Podbean HERE.

This is something that I have wanted to experiment with for a long time now and I've bounced ideas off of Turkey and off of the wall to see what would stick. 

At one point I put out a #Backlogger dedicated episode with everything you all have been willing to submit to us and that is something that I am looking forward to doing again.

We also put out our first episode of Double Overtime, a short podcast dedicated to one of my favorite podcasts and that is PSVGs OT with Coach Hulk and Dev!

And now I am playing around with a somewhat weekly Confessional which I am really enjoying recording and goofing around with. 

I hope you have liked everything extra we are putting out occasionally and everything we do can be shaped by what you guys like or don't like or even things you suggest to us.

On the Backlog Busters we don't really cover news so I figure that the Confessional is a way for me to give my opinions about news-like things and have the main podcast stay true to itself which is goofy fun in all of its glory.

Another reason why I came here is to point out that I have over extended myself in all aspects of my life.  I have taken on a part time job to help get my family out of debt and this will cut into Video Game time.  I have 3 brats at home that I dedicate a lot of my free time to and that also scales back the amount that I play on a regular basis.

And in the entertainment side of my life We have the podcast, I attempt a monthly newsletter (I have been slacking on this hard core) and then there are the occasional Blog updates that I am doing here for you all.

Yes - this part time fun hobby takes a good amount of time and I over promise and under deliver.
But, when I do deliver I do hope everyone is enjoying what we are putting out and I will try to make sure we get more quality content out even if that means that it is less frequent.

What it all boils down to is that I truly love and appreciate this #Backlog community and each and everyone of you that lets the Turkey and I into your lives.  You are appreciated and you make each and every one of my days better.

Have a great day and keep on Backlogging


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