Backlog Confessional - Katana Zero and Spiderman

As the month starts to wind down I am sitting here and realizing that when the turkey and I end up recording early I go through a weird mix of emotions.

My whole goal with the Podcast was to play more games and, specifically, beat more games.  And through this little social experiment I started out hot by beating my monthly game pretty much every single month.

This leads me to High Hopes and sometimes False Expectations.

My game for June was Spiderman and at the time of our recording (The podcast Dropped - Y'all should have listened to it by now!!!) I had not beaten Spiderman and was pretty hard on myself.  However, after some conversations with people from the community I came to the conclusion that if I'm loving the game I should just keep playing until I beat it even if that means that my game becomes a multi-month game.

So, it was decided that Spiderman is also my game of July with Katana Zero being my portable game when I have time at work.

Now here I sit and the month is getting close to wrapping up and as it stands Spiderman is sitting at 70% complete and I have the weekend off (even though the wife has plans).  I honestly think that there is a good possibility that I wrap up the Spiderman story before July hits and that gives me the entire month to relax and do all the side missions in order to get my Platinum.

And then there is Katana Zero.  I am really loving the game but it is pretty messed up.  I'm getting close to rolling credits on it and I'm looking forward to beating it and then looking information up though my google machine to find out what this story is and what it all means.
I'll probably also replay the game because it is pretty short and I feel like there is more than one ending based on dialog options.

Hope you all are having a great week.

I will be recording a new Backlog Confessional in the next couple of days.

Leave me your questions in the comment section!


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