A Decade of Gaming

As 2020 approaches we inch closer to closing the door on another decade, a marvelous decade of gaming.  The past 10 years were up and down for me when it comes to video games but I feel that I probably played enough games every year to come up with a grrouch top 10 list for every year of the decade.

I make that last statement without actually looking at what games were released and going through to see what I played and what I didn't play.  However, I will do my best to touch upon my favorite games from each year and wax poetic about them.  

What I would like from you, dear #Backloggers, is to also let me know what some of your favorite games for each year of the past decade were.  What did you really enjoy playing and how do you feel looking back on it now?

I'm going to spend a few days going through the multitude of games that have been released and throw together some rough lists for each year and from there I will sit down and go over my feelings year by year and I will be bringing these lists to you all throughout December.

Hopefully I will also do one final list of my favorite games of the past decade to sum it all up.

Come along on a fun ride as we say goodbye to the 2010's and usher in the 2020's where gaming technology is on the verge of multiple breakthroughs and different pathways.

What a splendid time to be a gamer, wouldn't you agree #backloggers?

grrouch out


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