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I was in the mood to do some writing today so during work I asked people to submit questions to the first ever AGA.  This is something that I would like to do on a monthly basis just to give me topics to write about that I might not normally think of on my own.

Before we get to the AGA I just wanted to share the last Backlog Confessional

I'd also like to thank everyone who submitted a question and I hope that as time goes on we will get more people participating.

So, let's get to it.

Mathman asked:


My favorite author is Stephen King.  Growing up I was always a fan of horror movies and then when I got into reading I became an instant fan of horror novels as well.  Having already watched some of his book adaptations I naturally started to read his stuff.  I do not remember what book I started with but I do know that Gerald's Game really stuck with me and I also remember picking up The Green Mile in its original serialized form where one piece of the novel would come out every 4-6 weeks. I greedily read through them and couldn't wait to get my hands on the next installment.  I still own those original copies and don't think I'll ever part with them.

As for my favorite series, you'd probably expect that I would say The Dark Tower, but you'd be wrong.  While I do love the the books and I am happy he finished the series, it is not my favorite.  Oddly enough my favorite series isn't even by Stephen King, it is by Piers Anthony.  The Incarnations of Immortality series was one that I started reading in high-school when I was looking for a book at the library and On a Pale Horse caught my attention for some reason.  When I started digging into the book it had the perfect mix of magic and humor that fit my personality and I could not get enough of it.  At that point I started looking into the author and found out that the book was just the first book in an epic tale and I made sure to grab the rest of them and run through it.

I often think about re-reading the entire series and/or picking up the audio books and listening to them on my car rides back and forth to work.  I haven't done it and I think it is because I'm afraid that they won't hold up to my memories all these years later.  However, now that I am thinking about it maybe this year I'll grab a copy off of Amazon so that after I finish my current book I can just dive right back into it and see if I get swept up in the world again.


If I were able to design a special edition Nintendo Switch I would start by going back to the old school Black and Gray to mimic the old school NES colors.  The Switch dock would be designed to mimic the NES console itself with the opening for the tablet portion of the switch would be where you stick your "cartridges."  The Tablet portion would then be colored around the edges to mimic an old school cartridge.  You would plug in your HDMI and Power cords into slots that were designed to mimic the look of the controller ports on the old system.  Simple, elegant and nostalgic.  This design would sell millions all by itself and I would buy it and show it off to the world.  When I was done with it I would then sit it on the shelf next to my NES 3DS and rejoice in my geek-dom!


It was a dark and stormy night. Grrouch was sitting at the bar nursing his 8th PBR of the evening.  Funny thing about PBR is that you can slam 30 or so before you realize you've been drinking them, however this was what he turned to when he wanted to drink heavily.  If it was just going to be a casual evening he would have ordered something more hipster and trending, but not tonight.

Grrouch wiggled backwards off of his bar stool so that he could get off of it without having to actually move it.  This felt like a huge accomplishment as a gentle buzz was starting to envelope his head from the rapid succession in which he put the PBR down the hatch.  A couple of wiggles and a hop later he was stumbling down the hallway to the bathroom so that he could give some liquid back to the bar, his way of paying it forward!

On the way out of the restroom Grrouch saw what looked like a large goon doing a hammer toss from a distance and when his right foot went to hit the ground it felt like it landed on something at least 8 inches short of its intended destination.  Something was under his foot and whatever it was changed course and started moving forward which caused this already slightly inebriated Grrouch to loose balance and fall backwards to the floor, head landing on the inside floor of the restroom. 

The last conscious thought that ran through his head was I sure hope the wet I feel is my own blood.

When Grrouch awoke he found that he was sitting on what looked like a stage with his hands tied to something behind his back.  His ability to move was limited and there was a bright light shining in his direction which restricted his ability to ascertain information about his surroundings.  From in front of him and distorted with Autotune or something similar beamed a voice.

"If you cooperate this will all go smoothly," the voice said, almost as if it were trying to sing.  That could be the Autotune just messing with his perception though.  "If you do not cooperate you will be fed to the Koopalings."

Grrouch shook his head back and forth trying to shake off the cobwebs.  The back of his head ached, more-so from the landing than the drinking.  His head was slightly foggy but he felt that was from just becoming conscious and these strange surroundings.  Yet he couldn't shake the fact that he just heard someone use the word Koopalings in a distorted melodic voice.  Koopalings?  The only place this word made sense to him was in a video game space, not real life.  What the firetruck was going on here.

To Be Continued...


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