Backlog Confessional - 2/1/19

Hello #Backloggers,

For The Pod

February has started which means that my new Monthly game has started as well: Ikaruga.

Ikaruga is a Vertically scrolling Shoot-Em-Up (Schmup) where you bounce back and forth between a white polarity and a dark polarity.  When you are in a polarity your ship will absorb bullets of the same polarity but be damaged by (IE: Brutally Destroyed) bullets of the opposite polarity.  Over the years Schmups have been games that I dabble in from time to time and go back to randomly.  I believe this all started with Super R-Type on the SNES and most recently playing through Graceful Explosion Machine on my Switch. 

A good Schmup just seems like a perfect February game since it is a short month and these games generally don't require one to sit down for hours on end.  You can play a little bit here and there and go at it more leisurely.

I've already begun my dive into this game and playing it in Tate Mode using my Flip Grip which I got through Kickstarter.  I've been wanting to use my Flip Grip since I got it and, secretly (oh no, the Cat is out of the Bag) that is another reason why I included Ikaruga on my February list.


Another result of the month ending is the information that is given to us from Nintendo in the form of Data from their Switch Parental Control App.  All I have to say is that January was, by far, the most I have ever played my switch in one month.  I am missing a little bit of Data because I didn't connect this Switch to the App until Jan 2nd and none of the data is tracked until it is connected which means I missed out on January 1st (which I did play on that day).

Days Played: 30
Average Time Played Per Day: 2 hours 10 minutes
Different Games Played: 8

I played Fallout Shelter 29 different days for a little over 6 total hours.
I played The Messenger 14 different days for a little over 16 total hours (beat it).
I played Diablo 3 13 different days for a little over 27 hours.
I played Guns, Gore and Cannoli for nearly 4 hours (beat it).

To say that sometimes Diablo sometimes consumes me is an understatement.  I found myself staying up late to sink time into it.  I found myself waking up early to sink time into it.  I made any excuse I could so that I could play more Diablo and during the month of January I knocked out all my Seasonal Gear and now am just running through as quickly as possible so that I can roll credits, get it off of my backlog and put it away (until the next season pops up and the itch starts needing scratched again).

News Letter

Fear Not #Backloggers, the January News Letter is coming and it will have at least one Brand New Art Card.  I find myself still playing catch up with life and that is why it has been delayed.  

But, now that it is nearing Midnight and I ain't alright to fight this sleep any longer I'm going to jettison my tush to bed.

Current Backlog: 53
Beat YTD:  2
Shelved YTD: 1

Keep on Backlogging and let me know what is keeping y'all up late on the gaming spectrum!


  1. I was losing sleep playing West of Loathing, but I did finish it a few nights ago. Sooooooooo good. I need to replay it with a different character class.

    Now I'm playing Piczle Colors as part of #IndieSelect. I am doing my best not to buy any new games, but the temptation is strong.

    1. I bought West of Loathing last year from Limited Run Games and just waiting for it to show up.
      I'm excited for it .


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