Sorry to Disappoint but we are Still Recording in February

Hello #Backloggers,

We currently sit two days away from everybody's favorite V.D.
Yep, that is right, Valentines Day.  Well, maybe just the ladies favorite V.D.  I know a few gents who would rather suffer through a case of the clap before having to suffer through another Valentines Day again but that really has nothing to do with why I brought y'all in here today.

The big news is that in a mere 10 days the Backlog Busters record our next episode and that means we need to start collecting questions, comments and concerns from our favorite people (and even Adam L I guess).

I've been working on a new Art Card for everyone and I've had a successful month of actually playing games as well.  I still need to sit down and compose some thoughts on my monthly game but I'm sure that I'll probably get to it, sometime.  Possibly.

We have also been talking to people behind the scenes (read: twitter DMs and Discord Messaging) about guesting on the show and boy have we nailed down a few good guests for the upcoming months.  There are still a few more to be secured (read: contacted and hope for a yes) but we have faith that all will work out the way it should.

Since clearing out a few quick and easy games my gaming has slowed down and the only new thing I have been playing is Mutant Football League because I needed something that I have no rush to complete and I can pick up and play as the desire hits me.   I need another side-log game to work on but nothing has really grabbed me recently so it's just been MFL and Fallout Shelter in rotation.

I leave you all with Jacob playing Bulletstorm (play through #3) and Sofia holding her pink 360 controller and watching him play.
I love my children

Keep on #Backlogging peeps


  1. I can't believe it's almost time for some more backlog bustin'! Really looking forward to the new episode guys! :)


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