This morning I was bitten and thus my June Backlog Buster adventure has begun. 

I only got a little taste, but that taste has left me wanting more.  I did some web slangin' through the air.  I crashed into a few buildings.  I engaged in some combat that made me remember why I loved the Batman Arkham games and the Mordor games.

June is an experiment to see if I can complete a game that needs to be played on the TV and not one that I can take to work with me.  Most of my gaming time will occur after work when I get home and everyone is in bed sleeping so we will see how well my body holds up to staying up later to get a few hours in.

When I play this game during the day I know that, most likely, Jacob is going to want to grab the controller and play while I watch him and help him through the hard parts which means I won't do much playing.  In that regard I am thinking about separate save files for my game and his game.  I have not decided yet but I will have to make that decision pretty soon.

Let's Kick Some Bad Guy Butt!


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