Welcome to the Backlog Busters

Hello #Backloggers and welcome to our new website.  This is currently a work in progress and we appreciate everyone being patient and understanding.
Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you like or dislike.  Give us segment suggestions (Backlog Builders sponsored by Benjicong for instance) or just comment to let us know you love us.

Remember that every month we Adopt a Backlogger and if you want to be adopted feel free to send an email or DM one of us on Twitter and we will discuss the terms and conditions of your adoption.

We really want this podcast to be less about the Grrouch and Turkey and more about the community so the more interaction you give us the better we will become.

Thank you all for taking this ride with us during our first year (well, partial year so far) and we hope you stick it out for the long haul.

Feel free to check us out at:
Backlog_blues on Twitter
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