Backlog Confessional - April 20 2019

Hello #Backloggers,

Today is 420  and man do I have some things to bring to the Backlog Confessional Booth.

First I want to thank you all for the feedback.  I got pretty positive vibes from the audio Confession that went out last week and it looks like some people still decided to read the written version as well.
(This one probably won't be in audio form as I've had a bad cough for a week and feel meh)

Confession #1 - Planeteer Powers
Trash Turkey asked what the best Planeteer power was and.... Well I had no clue what he was talking about.  I had to go to my good buddy Google and I found out this is from the cartoon Captain Planet which I have never watched.  However, it had a smoking hot Meg Ryan in the show and her face was half burnt? (or it could have been ruined via similar methods to the Toxic Avenger - Toxified??) so I'm going to go with Water being the best power because if she was burnt then water needed to be added to save the other half of her beautiful face.

Confession #2 -  Work is best kept at the workplace.

Ryan Craig asked what games I have knocked from the backlog that were more work than fun and/or what games I gave up on because they couldn't hold my interest.

Now, to preface, I am basing all of my answers starting with the birth of the Backlog Busters, what I am calling my second gaming life.
Last year there were a few games that I literally had to work through and finished only because my goal is to finish the game and talk about it on the podcast.
The first one that comes to mind is Night in the Woods.  Most of this game was a a drudge for me and I really wasn't into it.  When it picked up to me was right at the end and I felt like that segment came and went too fast.  In hindsight I enjoyed the story of the game but at the time I really didn't enjoy playing the game.
Another game that fits into this category was Sonic Mania.  Now I want to admit that overall I enjoyed Sonic Mania and it is the first Sonic game I have ever beaten.
The biggest issue that I had with the game started with the Water Level and lasting 2 or 3 levels afterwards.  Once I got past that point the game became good again and when I beat it I did a silent fist pump.
Honestly though, the best part of playing this game was watching Jacob play the first couple of levels over and over because he wanted to play the fast game where the guy went in circles.
He gave up once the water came - So I'm still a better gamer than my toddler.
And for the 2nd question - the only game I really gave up on was the Castlevania game I was playing on the GBA and while I really like those types of games (I beat a GBA Castlevania the year prior, I played the heck out of Dead Cells, I beat Bloodstained...) this one I feel I was probably just trying to play at the wrong time and it didn't sit with me.  I tell myself I will go back to it but we will see.

Confession #3 - Xbox is the Kohls of  The Video Game Console World

So Xbox announced their newest console which is the Xbox SAD - or the Xbox S All Digital Edition and it is coming in at a price point of $250.    If you are new to the Xbox then this is a good place to start as you can add Game Pass and never have to worry about discs.  You can also buy and download digital games.
However, the problem that I see is that they took the 4k Blue Ray player out and are charging you the exact same price as the regular Xbox 1 S.

Now I went to Gamestop and saw that I can get the Xbox 1 S Division 2 edition for $249 or I can get the SAD edition where I cannot watch my physical movies nor insert my current collection on physical discs but it comes with Minecraft (a game you probably already on on more platforms than you do Super Mario Bros 3), Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3 (not even the most recent edition of the game) digitally for the same $249.

Xbox is trying to lure you in by giving you 3 games instead of just one and making it look like a super deal.   The other thing to think about here is the fact that the Xbox 1 S was recently $299 but people only bought when it was on sale at $249 or $199.  Other than the initial early adopters I feel that the SAD edition will be the same exact way.  $249 feels too expensive since you are getting less with the illusion of more (and lets face it, as soon as you get Gamepass you already have the "FREE" games being offered right?).   This console should have launched at $199 especially since it is launching right at the end of the Xbones life.

So, Much like Kohl's, there is a price tag on this Xbox but the majority of people are going to buy it for substantially less than advertised.

Confession #4 - What is Time?

Work got busy this month and my infatuation with my toddler has taken over at times as well.  We are sitting on the 18th of the month and we record in 1 week and 1 day and I still haven't Beaten Steamworld Dig 2 yet. It's not a long game, I just haven't had much time.

Not only have I not really had time to put into my Game of the Month but I have a couple other projects cooking that I haven't been able to sink my teeth into either.  One of those projects has a hard deadline and I probably should be working on that right now instead of sitting here confessing my backlog sins to all of you.

Confession #5 - Beverage Buddies

Guys, I didn't know that this is something that I'd be into nor taking part of but if you haven't seen it yet I have been filming some taste testing experiments for my good buddy Dave over at Forget Being Cool.  He has a show called Beverage Buddies where he and a friend take a drink and talk about how it makes them feel.  It sounds like left wing propaganda but I'm all touchy feel-y as well and I decided to force myself into being an Honorary Beverage Buddy and post it on twitter.   Thus far I have done Bud Lite Orange and Natty Rush Watermelon Crush and have some good plans for more participation.  I hope you all check out my videos and let me know what you think.  I try to go for the more humorous side of things and think that has come off well so far.
So, Check out Beverage Buddies and Support Forget Being Cool and their fun lineup of shows.


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