Backlog Confessional - 3/5/2019

March is here and it is time to make another confession or two.

Confession #1

I know this is premature and even since it first entered my mind it has been slowly drifting away but that is that maybe the time of the old fashioned longer and slower paced story driven JRPG has passed me by.  As I started to get into Octopath to work on completing everyone's Chapter 1 I found myself having a little bit of trouble getting into the game. 
I am now a few days removed from that feeling and I continue to work my way through the first chapter for all of the main players of the story (I still have two more to recruit) and I am getting more and more into it.  I have taken to playing a little bit during my lunch break at work and either in the morning when I wake up or before I go to bed at night.  I am really enjoying the battle system and some of the characters I like a lot more than others so once I have all 8 I will decide which 3 will be my main as I swap the 4th in and out depending on who's chapter I am working on.   Sadly I might be making some of those decisions based on abilities and not based on which stories I enjoy more but whatever, you have to game the game no?
I will complete all of the first chapters and my new goal by the time we next record is to finish the 2nd chapters of 3 or 4 of my characters.  This goal might change over the course of the month based on side quests that come up and how much grinding I have to do in order to get my guys ready to run through a chapter.   However, I definitely have to thank the Mathman for pointing me in a good direction to help me with gameplay that I overlooked.

Confession #2

Now that I'm fully engaged in Octopath it has finally hit me that I just needed an adjustment period because the other game that I am putting some time into (with the children and by myself a little bit) is the ever amazing Borderlands 2.
I've been watching the kids play a bit and Borderlands is my "scratch that itch" type of game so I decided to start a play through for myself so that over the course of the year I can work my way through it slowly and hopefully beat it before we roll credits on 2019.  That said I decided to start up Kreig who is a bad guy gone good and honestly had one of the BEST video game trailers of all time.  Borderlands 3 needs to be something that is happening and it needs to be amazing.  Jumping into 2 right now makes me miss the world of Pandora.   So much so that I had to go dig up some treasures from the 360 era.

Yes, I own a Borderlands Loot Box
So my toddlers Borderlands 2 addiction means one thing for certain and that is Bulletstorm has finally been put to bed.  Yes, I guess after beating it at least 7 or 8 times it was inevitable that the game was going to get boring, or it is just that he wanted to start playing what his brother was playing.  Either way it has met its time.

And now that he isn't playing it any more I really want to crank the difficulty up and start playing it as a side game myself.  It would satisfy the bloodlust burning within me after playing a couple of hours of a slower game where I have to read a lot and deal with a little bit of action.

My trigger finger is itching as we speak but I must resist.

Confession #3

I tried to jump back into Shantae but wasn't sure where I was or what I was doing.  I might have to start that one over when I decide to beat it.
I also started up Shaq Fu which has been pretty fun for what it is.  Fun and Humor are to be had and the game does not take itself seriously at all.  Shaq makes a good hero.

At this point I have to start getting ready for work so it is time to bid you all a Happy Backlogging.

Let me know what you are trying to knock off of your backlog.  Give me something to think about during my work day.


  1. Just a note about your party in Octopath... The person you selected at the beginning will be in your party until you complete their chapter 4.

    Also, sometimes you can check out dialog among your party members during the chapter story. A notification will pop up that tells you to hit (+) to hear banter. It all depends on who you have at the time. These are my favorite parts of the game in terms of story.

    I'm working through Octopath a second time even though I should be working on Pool Panic, Battle Chef Brigade, and Pokemon.

    1. So after I beat the chapter 4 I can swap her out???


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