Backlog Confessional - 1/27/19

Dear #Backloggers,

If you haven't been following along, our Backlog Buddy (Trademark Pending) The Backlog Odyssey has been keeping everyone updated daily in 2019 with his Daily Backlog.  Link provided and y'all should follow it.  His daily updates are short, sweet and to the point and everyone could use a little dose of a daily backlog.  (Since you only need a little dose feel free to skip his posts on the days when I post, I wouldn't want y'all to get burnt out or something)  (This is where I say Just Kidding.  Read him daily) (Seriously).

This same Backlogger just recently joined the Turkey and I on our Backlog Buster podcast which should be releasing sometime in the near future.   When you leave the editing up to a Turkey the results can sometimes be shocking.

As for myself, I have been trying to force myself to find more time in the day to play games this year. Couple that with the fact that I have a 4 year old who is wanting to play games with Daddy more and more and it is a recipe for fun and excitement.   So, while I do have a main game I am playing every month that I will talk about on the podcast there are a bunch of little side-logs that I am putting time into and I need some sort of outlet for them.

That brings me to the Backlog Confessional.

In January I actually beat two games.  The first of which is The Messenger and that game was an absolute masterpiece.  If you want to hear some ramblings about the game, spoiler free, check out the newest podcast when it drops.

But, I did say 2 did I not?  You're Dang Right I did.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli was a fun little title that I picked up near the end of 2018 when it was part of an eShop sale.  I had seen it around before and the look of the game with the humor I was imagining had me quite interested.  Then I heard Fellow Podcaster Luke, the Insipid MLSReserves, Lohr talk about how much fun he was having with the game and I knew it had to be mine.    So, after I finally put the final dagger into The Messenger's heart in January I needed a nice, fun, short pallet cleanser and this is where I landed.

GGC is a fun side scrolling shoot-em-up with an old fashioned Gangster plot that involves poisoning everyone's booze turning a city into zombies and the end times.  You play Cannoli who is tasked with tracking down the only guy who knows how to fly a particular Blimp to help his boss escape the crazy that is going on.  Along the way you run into tons of Zombies, Zombie Rats, Rival Gangs and a whole host of obstacles that stand in your way from performing the job you were paid to do.   There is some backstabbing and a whole lot of explosions and a fun assortment of Guns and Gore (oddly enough). 

Think of a Single Player Contra with a wise cracking Gangster and a better assortment of guns (sadly no spread gun, every game should have a spread gun).  This game was truly a treat and I am happy to have removed it off of my Backlog.   Now, I will wait for the next sale and pick up Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 because this is the type of chaos I NEED in my life.

In other news I have put my entire Nintendo Switch collection on (I plan on eventually putting my entire collection on the site) so that I can track my backlog and help chip away at it.

Current Backlog: 53 games
Beat YTD: 2
Shelved TYD: 1

I have a few other games that I am putting time into but I'll save those for the next exciting installment of Backlog Confessional.

Let me know if this is something you all want me to continue updating every week or so (Note: I will be doing it no matter what your answer)

Please Don't Forget about your Shelves
Keep on Backlogging.


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