January 2019 - Grrouchie's Game List

Dear #Backloggers,

This is how the year begins.

On our last episode (we'll call it December) we went over our GOTY picks and then got down to the Brass Tactics.

I brought 4 games to the table and they were:

The Messenger
Yoku's Island Express
Thimbleweed Park
Guns, Gore and Canoli

The general theme for this year is going to be mostly Switch as that is my current console of choice.  it is easier for me to get time to play, I can play at work and I can play at home when other people are doing things that utilize my TV.  However there are a few games that I absolutely want to play on the PS4 this year as well.

God of War
Assassins Creed Odyssey (I don't own this yet and will probably only buy as a GOTY edition, but ultimately I'm looking at a $20 or under price point).
Far Cry 5 (I'm looking at a $20 or under price point to purchase).

Now, upon looking at those 4 games above I realize that 25% of my games this year would end up being PS4 and that is probably too high in all honesty.  I might Nix Far Cry because the other 3 were at least Game of the Year for some people that I follow.

As for my January Games I really figure'd that it would be between The Messenger and Yoku's Island Express (and it was) and either of those two games I would be fine with.  Thimbleweed Park I picked up a while back on deep discount and Guns, Gore and Canoli really looks like a fun little shooter so when it was on sale I couldn't resist.

My Tweeples voted and The Messenger is my game of the month and I must say that I am highly enjoying it.  I've been bouncing between that and Fallout Shelter but come January 18th when the new Diablo 3 season begins I have a feeling that I'll Shelve the Shelter and Diablo 3 will be my main side game.

2018 was a great year and I plan on 2019 being even bigger and better.   The Turkey and I have some things coming up and we hope you all enjoy being a part of our Backlog community.


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